Acting Headshots

Noah’s Acting Headshots

Noah is on his way to the big screen

Noah-Cameron Levesque is a cool kid who’s into dirt bikes and having fun! He recently booked a gig for a movie in New York and his mom, Christina, noticed that he hasn’t had any head shots in a while. Christina contacted us and we we’re excited to help them out.

When he got to the studio, Noah was excited to get started. Noah had so many ideas that he wanted to try. First, we started with some basic head shots, and then we started have fun by adding some jumps, handstands, and some breakdancing moves.

It was pretty warm out, and we wanted to move the shoot outside. Noah had more ideas up his sleeve and wanted to jump and run on everything in the plaza outside of the studio. He had lots of fun and didn’t want to stop taking pictures.



LOVE CREATE is an awesome
experience where we can collaborate minds to come up with a creative photo using limitless ideas and photo manipulation in

Since Noah was very active and jumping all around, we decided to edit this photo with some cool pixelated effects. Using photoshop and multiple layers and effects, we managed to create a stunning 3D like photo. Christina and Noah have fallen in love with the photo.

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