Lyanna's Ballet

This is Lyanna’s 2nd shoot with us and we are excited to have her back!
Lyanna recently started dance classes at school and has fallen in love with it. She’s fallen so much, that she wanted to take pictures of the moves she’s been learning. Her mom Eliana brought her back to us so that we can capture this exciting moment in Lyanna’s life.

Dance is free, relieving, fun, and can bring out your true colors.

Being a dance teacher made this shoot easier as I began to instruct her on different poses and moves The shots below are great examples of how I feel about dance. When dancing, that person in the mirror is a completely different person in a colorful world of no worries or problems.

I really wanted to catch her in her zone. I set her in one spot on the floor, played music, and let her go. She began to twirl and express herself as if no one was watching. It was a bit difficult keeping up with her fast movements, but I managed to capture a great amount of beautiful shots. She was excited to show her mom and myself the moves she had learned.

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