Creative Project/Portrait

Halloween Gore and Glam Project

Combined talents with Makeup Artist @ninjamua to showcase glam and special effect makeup.

It’s very close to halloween so I wanted to do something with gore-like special effects. I was going to try them myself but I know a friend at the studio I dance at that who is no other than Gabby Chung (aka Ninja)

Together Gabby, the models Carly and Chelsea, and myself created something cool with this photoshoot. Showcasing Gabby’s glam talents as well as her special effects was the goal. In return I had a chance to play with lighting and making sure the special effects really pop from the models face. It was very easy because of the work by Gabby and the models.

@ninjaMUA in her element

I instantly felt inspired when Gerald to ask me to apply effects makeup on our dancers from the studio. The goal was to combine horror and glam and the outcome was better than I expected, scary but seductive in an almost twisted way.
This was my first time doing a complete look using effects and materials that are new to me.

One of the best things about makeup artistry is not knowing what your going to do next and constantly trying new things. This project helped me discover new techniques as well as help showcase what I can do. I’ve recently realized that all along the makeup industry is my passion. I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I do know it’s all about the journey and projects like these that will take me there.

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