An impromptu shoot in Aruba

George and Shamiram's Honeymoon

George and Shamiram Konsul are newlyweds from Germany are on they’re honeymoon in Aruba and just happened to see me holding my camera.

Perfect Place at the Perfect Time

The meet-up

My friend Javin and I were in Aruba for a few days shooting a wedding at the Riu Paradise Resort. The wedding was spread throughout the hotel so we had been seen by a lot of the visitors staying there.

The day after the wedding Javin and I were walking around shooting the beauty of Aruba in hotel and George approached us and asked “are you the guys from yesterday’s wedding?”. He proceeded to ask for a quick half-hour shoot and I couldn’t me more happy to say yes. He then introduced me to his wife Shamirama and we scheduled a quick shoot for the next morning.

Everywhere in Aruba is such a beautiful background for portraits!

Here is the look of a man who knows that marrying the one he loves was the best decision he has ever made in his life!

"Say something funny"

Here's where we got some laughs

While we were shooting I wanted to be done with the traditional portraits and move to something more genuine. I told them to give me a forehead touch and told George to say something funny in Shamiram’s ear. Pure laughter poured from the newlyweds as I captured some fantastic shots.

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