Hair by Clyde St. Amand

Ice Queen


The Concept

“All white thats the theme, along with being over the top. We will do it at the salon, I will stage it. I will set it up in the main area so you have room to work. I will send you pictures of what I will be creating. I will have 5 girls and then there will be me. This will be fun for you !!!” -Clyde

Its always exciting shooting for someone who has a vision of what they want all prepped and ready to go. Clyde wanted to do an all white shoot with five models with five different hairstyles. I was confident that this was going to be a great shoot based on the fact that Clyde and I have worked together on great projects previously.

The Setting

We shot the photos at Clyde’s Salon in Avon, CT. It’s a very unique salon that Clyde designed himself. Clyde took great care renovating the space himself to create a sophisticated, warm and welcoming environment. Clyde’s artistic talents are showcased throughout the salon; his passion for design is evident in everything he creates.

The Set-Up

“The look is (ice queen) we will be in all white with a touch of blue. I just finished staging a stop for the shoot. Talk tomorrow … Clyde”

When Clyde sent this setup I was instantly pumped to begin working and ideas were flowing like water. I knew I wanted to play with the branches in the pot to kind off make it like the models are in the woods.

That's A Wrap!

We finished the shoot within 3 hours or so and got some amazing looking photos. Clyde’s really excited about how the shoot turned out and I couldn’t wait to start editing them in post. This has by far been my most favorite shoot to date.

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