Ariana's Senior Portraits

It’s near May and graduation is right around the corner. Ariana and her Mom, Norma didn’t want the plain old school photos that the school provides so they contact us for some help. We have the perfect outdoor location and it’s a beautiful spring day outside.


“Working with Gerald made me feel like I was a super model”

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The lighting is a bit harsh outside so Norma assists me with my reflector to bounce the light onto Ariana instead of the sun being directly in her face. It took some practice but after the first couple of times we were smooth sailing.

Eventually we come across a nice waterfall at the park. I want to do something daring and Ariana is all for it. I ask her to carefully stand directly in the middle of the waterfall. She has no hesitation and starts walking across all the wet rocks in the water. We end up getting some great shots!

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