About Me

A nerd who loves to what he does and has fun doing it!

My name is Gerald Lovelace and I am a Photographer, Choreographer, Designer, and Videographer. I’m 26 years old and have been taking professional photos since my first Nikon in 2008.
Before that, I was always a computer nerd who loved technology and the way computers worked. I eventually came across a software that allowed you to place one’s head on any persons body called “Funhouse”. I would continue to do this with all my friends photos and they loved it. I started to get a satisfaction from making people’s day from a simple photo. I found out about Photoshop and all the amazing things that were possible in that software and I wanted to master it. My dad took note of my interest and said “okay, we’re going to barnes and noble.” He bought me 3 books on Photoshop basics and photo manipulation tutorials. I did EVERY tutorial in those books and learned a lot from the demo photos that they came with. Soon after, I noticed I didn’t have the the photos I had been working were high quality professional photos. I only had a small Sony Point-and-Shoot camera that was about 8 megapixels. Christmas morning of 2008 I woke up to a Nikon D40 and it took my photo manipulations to another level of quality. I got my camera only to realize that I had to learn the tips and tricks of the camera itself, lighting, and composition with photography.

Eventually I got into designing around the photos I had taken. I began creating movie posters with my photos and realized the love for movies could eventually land me a job as a movie poster designer. This pushed me to make a decision to go to college for Graphic Design. I learned a lot about business in college and decided I could start a photography company because I loved the way my photos made people feel compared to how I felt about doing a design job.

From my high school years into college I loved to dance. Learning from music videos recorded and playing it back in slow motion was a daily routine for me. I began to make dance videos with the camera I had and received a great response from viewers. I eventually found United Rhythms Dance Studio from a friend in college and applied my skills of both videography and choreography to the company. Since then, United Rhythms has been my family where I can be surrounded my passionate and creative people who encourage me everyday. We’ve created great videos, photos, and choreography together and continue to do so to this day.

And there you have it, all those events led me to where I am now. A big nerd who loves to dance, design, and take photos.


Check out some of my work!

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