About Me

A nerd who loves to what he does and has fun doing it!

My name is Gerald Lovelace and I am a Photographer, Choreographer, Designer, and Videographer. I’m 26 years old and have been taking professional photos since my first Nikon in 2008.
Before that, I was always a computer nerd who loved technology and the way computers worked. My dad took note of my interest and said “okay, we’re going to barnes and noble.” He bought me 3 books on Photoshop basics and photo manipulation tutorials. I did EVERY tutorial in those books and learned a lot from the demo photos that they came with. Soon after, I noticed I didn’t have the the photos I had been working were high quality professional photos. I only had a small Sony Point-and-Shoot camera that was about 8 megapixels. Christmas morning of 2008 I woke up to a Nikon D40 and it took my photo manipulations to another level of quality. I got my camera only to realize that I had to learn the tips and tricks of the camera itself, lighting, and composition with photography.

I’m just a big nerd who loves to dance and take photos. 🙂


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