Time is precious and moves on it’s own. Let’s freeze time and keep it forever.

I make it my priority to capture you’re greatest moments while providing a comfortable environment and easy process. Whether its a family session for home decor or that special day two couples share in marriage; every session is an experience in it’s own which will leave you feeling great about the memories you create and I capture.

Let’s Get Creative

I’m always down for some cool ideas and have many skills to achieve different effects.

Yes, like Happy Feet. Not like Wild Wild West. Haha

Gerald D. Lovelace

I’m a photographer based in Meriden, CT and have been shooting professionally for 10 years. I love music, dance, video games, and my beautiful fiancé. 👫 After 10 years photography still gets me excited so if you hear me say “WOOOOO!” and punch the air in excitement it just means I love the shot I just took. 💪🏿

Let’s Make Some Memories (Literally)

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Latest News

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